Nesna to Bodo in the Arctic Circle – 24 June 2018

This morning we wave good bye to our hosts as we start our drive into the Arctic Circle and we have a sunny blue sky.









We start to climb as we continue our drive along Route 17 and we are rewarded with fabulous vistas over the mountains and water.









About 1 hour from Nesna we visit a German World War II camp that was built high on the cliff tops overlooking the ocean with commanding views.  There are the remains of the gun emplacements,  barracks, underground store rooms and an underground hospital that was never used. It covers a large area and we only walk around a small part of it as we have a ferry to catch.









We have 2 ferry crossings today and it’s on the first of these crossings that we pass the over latitude 66 degrees 33 minutes and enter the Arctic Circle.









We stop for lunch overlooking the water with a fish farm below and a massive glacier on the other side of the fjord.









We arrive at Bodo in the late afternoon and do some work for one of our customers for about 4 hours, so we have a qick take away pizza for dinner.

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