Eiken to Jorpeland via Pulpit Rock – 15 June 2018

We wake to a sunny morning which makes the dash to the toilet and shower easier without an umbrella!  After breakfast, packing up and making our lunch from last night’s leftovers we start our drive from this lovely lakeside cabin.

We drive through forests of pines and birches, past lakes and through tunnels as we wend our way to Pulpit Rock.

We come to the small village of Terland and there is a stone slab bridge (or hollow dike bridge) across the river Gyaana that dates back to the early 1800’s.  It is about 60 metres long and has 21 arches and was taken out of serv ice in 1977.  It is the longest best preserved stone slab bridge in the Nordic region and it’s beautiful.

We have 2 ferry crossings and cross a magnificent bridge today as we work our way over fjords.

After arriving at the car park for Pulpit Rock we prepare for our 8.5 km return hike.  Since Holland Kay’s left knee has been swollen with fluid and is stiff so it is strapped, walking boots are put on, walking poles taken out of the car, back packs filled with food, water & wet weather gear.  We set off at about 1 pm.  The path is rocky, partly just boulders and other flat rocks, made boardwalks over boggy ground and steep rocky steps.  We take it slowly pacing ourselves and stopping about half way for lunch.  The area is beautiful with breath taking scenery, well worth the walk.















When we arrive at Pulpit Rock the views go forever, even though it is overcast.



After a rest and some refreshments, we start the walk back to the car park, it is now 4 pm and we estimate that we’ll be back at the car by 6:30 pm.  Although it would normally be quicker going down, Kay’s knee is getting sore so we take it slowly. We pass a lot of bog cotton growing in the damp areas at the top amongst the rocks.

On the way down Kay’s legs give way on one of the uneven stone steps and fortunately she falls back onto the steps behind and not down as it’s very steep at this point, so no damage done except for a bruised elbow.  We see quite a few people fall, but no one seems to hurt themselves badly enough to need care. We get nearly to the bottom before it starts to rain, good thing we put our waterproof jackets in our back packs. We push on down and get back to Shiraz at just after 6:30 pm, what a welcome sight, and we fall into the car exhausted!

Fortunately we only have a 10 minute drive to our bungalow and Ros & John organise takeaway pizza as we’re all far too tired to cook a meal or even go out for dinner.  After a nice hot shower we enjoy our lovely pizza’s, especially the salmon one and a glass or 2 of wine and crash into bed.

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