15th May 2015 – Vancouver

After driving off the ferry we head to the U.S / Canada border and cross into Canada again and head to Vancouver.ÿ We drive through the streets of the city and head to Stanley Park where we visit the totem poles first.We walk around part of the sea wall which gives us great views back to the city over the water.We drive up to a higher part of the park where we get a great view over the city and one of the many bridges in Vancouver.We leave Stanley Park completing the circuit and follow the coast road around to Granville Island.ÿ The concrete silos here have been cleverly covered in a material and each one is painted as a man.ÿ They are very colourful and whimsical and fit in perfectly with the craft market.The market at Granville market has some beautiful hand made crafts and a wonderful selection of gourmet foods.ÿ We have a delicious lunch here of salmon soup, although it was hard to decide what to eat as the choice is so varied. Tonight we have dinner with theÿ Canadian Classic MG Club and each of the cars are presented with an award for traveling the furthest to attend the All British Concours and 60th anniversary of the MGA celebration which is on tomorrow.ÿ We are each given a packet of smoked salmon which is a very generous gift.ÿ The car park outside is full of MGA’s.ÿ Michael also won a raffle prize which is a new Moss picnic blanket, which is very apt as the one we have been using on our trip is all torn and looking very used!ÿ

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  1. I had no idea there could be so many MGs left in the world. Canada sounds terrific, and living up to its reputation as a marvellous place to live except for some rather chilly winters. Obviously the cars are running well and presumably you will be on good roads for the rest of the way home. Good luck! Cheers!

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