Tromso to Alta – 28 June 2018

As we leave Tromso we drive past the most northern golf course on the way to catch our only ferry for the day.









We only have approximately 300 kilometres to drive today and we’ve noticed that now we’re in the Arctic Circle the scenery has changed.  The trees are not as tall as they have been and they are sparser with more stark rocky terrain.









When we arrive in Alta we go straight to the Northern Lights Cathedral, which is a magnificent modern church, with the outside being covered in titanium.  The interior is also ultra modern.


After a late lunch and a coffee we check into our accommodation and then go to visit the famous rock carvings.  Some of the carvings were painted with red paint in the 1970’s so that the figures would be easier to see.  These rock carvings are from 2000 to 6200 years old and they depict the life of hunters & fishermen.  Some of them are very clear to see and have survived the elements really well as they are in the open and not protected.

















The rock carvings are on the shoreline of the Alta fjord, which is a beautiful setting.


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