Copenhagen – 6 June 2018

This morning we wake to another beautiful day, clear blue sky and promising to be quite warm.  We keep being told that the weather is unseasonably warm, although there is a cool breeze blowing across the water.

The view from our balcony is fabulous!

As we leave for a day of sightseeing we walk down to the harbour bus (ferry) and look back to the apartment block we are staying in that sitts out in the water, it’s a beautiful building that won architectural awards when it was built.


We catch a ferry right into the centre of Copenhagen which a very leisurely way to start the day, passing canals filled with boats.





When we arrive in the centre of town we walk along a canal stopping at the old palace that is now the parliament building.

We wander through the cobble stone mall area of the city that is crowded with tourists & shoppers.  We stop at the Lego shop to admire the window display.

We take a ferry cruise around the canals of Copenhagen leaving from Nyhavn (New harbour) which is crowded with sailing boats being overlooked by beautiful old multi coloured buildings.

The trip takes us past the glass opera house, warehouses and the Royal Yacht up to the Mermaid on the rock.

We pass the pavilions where the Royal family wait before they board the Royal Yacht.

At one time we think we are in Florence as we pass a statue of David on the side of the water.






We get glimpses of churches as we wind our way through the canals back to Nyhavn.

Sailors church that looks like a spiral is a challenge to photograph it appears between the bridge & tree.  The weather is so hot that the locals are our sunbathing on the decks and swimming in the canals.



After getting off the ferry we decide it’s time for lunch and we cross the bridge to Christiania the hippie part of Copenhagen, where we have a smorgasbord (Danish open sandwich).  We opt to sit outside in the restaurant to soak up some sun.  The sandwiches are delicious.

As we head back to catch our ferry home we pass Tivoli gardens and the central train station which has a great double stacking system for bikes.




We decide to have dinner in our apartment and enjoy herrings, cheese, meats and bread with a glass or two of wine on the balcony of our apartment as we watch the sun set over the harbour. We’ve had a fabulous day in wonderful Copenhagen.




  1. ’66 I was living in Copenhagen, quite different from now, always however a lovely city. Fun to drive around on your knallert.
    Are you going to Finland as well, lovely country
    Have a good trip

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