Heiligenhafen to Copenhagen (Denmark) – 5 June 2018

This morning we head towards the border of Denmark via Kiel on our way to Odense in Denmark, the birthplace & early childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote the famous fairy tales.

H.C. Andersen was born into a very poor family & didn’t receive a good education in his younger years, however he received a scholarship in his late teens to continue his further education and university that enabled him to become an accomplished writer.  He was also an actor and an artist and did many drawings.

In Odense we visited the Hans Christian Andersen museum.

We then walked through the beautiful cobble stone streets of the original city of Odense and visit the yellow house on the corner the where a young H C Anderson lived with his  parents and 2 other families.  The house would have been quite cramped with so many people living in it.  H.C.Anderson’s father was a cobbler and his mother did washing for the wealthier people in the city, so they were quite poor.

After leaving Odense we drive toward Copenhagen over a magnificent bridge.  Next to the bridge there is a small wind farm in the water of the Baltic Sea.







Before we go into Copenhagen we have been invited by the MG Car Club of Copenhagen to join them for a picnic dinner on the Hellebæk beach which is about 60 km north of Copenhagen.  Today is Denmark’s National Holiday celebrating their constitution and the MG Car Club has had a run to Hellebæk.  We join them on the beach just after 5 pm and we take our chairs & picnic down onto the beach where they are all sitting drinking Australian wine!  Of course we have to have a glass of wine with them to celebrate their National holiday.

After much talking and making new friendships we have to leave as we need to meet the son of the owner of the apartment we are staying in for the next 3 nights in Copenhagen.

It is about an hours drive to the apartment as there isn’t a lot of traffic around.


The apartment is in a building that is built right on the edge of the water, and it is quite large and very modern with 3 balconies that take advantage of both the morning & afternoon sun.

After settling in and putting on the washing machine, to deal with the accumulation of dirty clothes to date, we pour some wine and eat some cheese & biscuits and watch the sun set over the harbour.

It doesn’t get much better than this!


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