Jorpeland to Eidfjord – 16 June 2018

After a wonderful nights sleep we stagger down the stairs, as our legs are still sore from yesterday’s walk, and start our day’s drive to Eidfjord and our historic Fossli Hotel for the night. We drive along the water that we can see from the balcony of our bungalow.

As we continue our drive the sun comes out which make the fjords and mountains look all the more beautiful.  We cross a fjord on another ferry which is smooth & sunny.

We stop for morning tea beside a fjord which is idyllic, there is even a swimming pool.

We pass some large water falls and the scenery starts to get even better.  At the base of one of the water falls there is a water wheel that used to be used for grinding corn.

When we stop to take some photos across the water, Michael discovers a snake all coiled up, fortunately it’s not interested in him. The water is so still in the fjord which create great reflections of the surrounding mountains & clouds.


We stop at the LÅTEFOSS waterfall that creates a huge amount of spray, as we drive over the old, stone, six-arched bridge, all over the road as the water thunders down from the plateau and hits the rocks below.  There are 2 streams and they merge into 1 as they flow under the bridge.

Continuing the drive along the fjord we see many more waterfalls and beautiful villages with quaint wooden houses.  The water is tumbling down the side of the mountains with incredible force.  Along the banks of the Hardangerfjord there are different types of fruit trees growing, but mostly cherries.

There is a tunnel that we drive through, just out of Eidfjord, that has a roundabout in the middle of it that’s all lit with bright blue neon lights, it’s incredibly bright in the dark tunnel. We continue driving down Eidfjord.

After arriving at the lovely old Fossli Hotel we take a walk down to look at the Vøringsfossen waterfall.  We are starting to get into the Troll region and we are seeing troll statues all over the place.  There are 2 waterfalls in front of the hotel with an enormous amount of water dropping from a huge height into the Vøringsfossen valley below.

We enjoy a pre dinner drink in the hotel’s old ballroom, before eating in the grand dining room.  Between us we eat wonderful local salmon, trout & lamb, it’s all delicious.


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