Vik to Nesna – 23 June 2018

As we leave Vik this morning it’s quite wet, with grey stormy skies as we continue our drive along Route 17.

We stop and visit the Vevelstad wooden Church that was built in 1796 and a museum of a Norway village with wooden buildings that have grass growing on the roofs for insulation.  Sometimes we’ve even seen trees growing on the roof.











Today we have 3 ferry crossings and our drives are timed to meet each ferry timetable.  At the first ferry crossing there is a fabulous cafe that roasts its own coffee from Central America.  It’s a welcome retreat from the weather as we wait for the ferry inside the warm cafe drinking good coffee.









Apart from ferries we also cross a magnificent bridge.








The ferries are interesting as the whole nose raises up to reveal the ramp to drive the cars on.  We pass a lot of quaint wooden churches that look beautiful in their green settings.









After arriving at Nesna we meet our hosts for the night in our Air bnb apartment in the basement of their lovely timber home.  The apartment is beautifully decorated and we have everything we need except dinner that we need to go & buy, so we ask Dag (the husband & fisherman) where we can buy some local fish.  He produces a side of a huge cod that he’d caught the day before, so all we need to buy are the vegetable.  Michael makes us a 3 course fish dinner, starting with a creamy fish soup, followed by small pieces of breadcrumbed fish with lemon mayonnaise and finishing with fried cod, roast potatoes and greens with pine nuts, it’s all delicious and we don’t even eat all the fish that we have been given.









We’ve been quite fascinated by the robot lawn mowers that we’ve seen in a couple of places now.  In the neighbourhood where we are staying in Nesna, there are no fences between the houses and yet each lawn mower knows it boundary, whether it be the road, a garden bed or the property next door.  I think we might have to look into buying one of these for our new townhouse.

After dinner we walk down to the water to watch the setting sun, although it doesn’t seem to set for long as it’s quite light all night.







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