Trondheim to Vik – 22 June 2018

This morning before leaving Trondheim we visit the Nidaros Cathedral.  Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to take photos inside, so the best we can do is a photo of a postcard of the round stained glass window.  Luckily we saw the outside of the cathedral in the sunshine yesterday as today it’s raining. This Church of Norway cathedral was built over the burial site of Saint Olav who was the  King of Norway, and was later made the patron saint of Norway.  The cathedral was built from 1070 to 1300 as a Catholic church and after the Protestant Reformation in 1537 it was taken from the Catholic Church and given to the new Church of Norway.  It is a magnificent structure inside, made of soap stone in the shape of a cross.

The drive today takes us along Route 17, past fjords and enormous waterfalls thanks to the melting snow and the amount of rain that has fallen lately.



We have another ferry crossing today before reaching Vik, which is a very small town with 1 motel.



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