Fraena to Trondheim via the Atlantic Road – 21 June 2018

This morning we wake to another grey overcast day and it’s spitting rain as we leave this lovely little house on the fjord and start our drive to the start of the Atlantic Road.









It’s not far to the start of the Atlantic Road that connects the island of Averoy with the mainland by a series of 8 bridges linking rocky islands and is only 8.27 km in length.  The road opened in 1989 and has National Tourist Route status.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, today there are no waves crashing over the road as they do during stormy weather.  Today it’s raining lightly and overcast so the road doesn’t look quite as beautiful as it would on a sunny day, but the stark scenery gives the area a dramatic look, especially with the lovely corkscrew bridge










We stop for lunch at Kristiansund in a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbour.

We have 1 ferry crossing today before arriving in Trondheim and to our delight the sun is shining.  After settling into our hotel we walk through the docks area, along a canal with lovely old wooden buildings and through the old part of town with it’s quaint wooden houses.  Trondheim reminds us of Bergen, but much quieter with not so many tourists.

We visit the Trondheim cathedral with it’s magnificent facade and fabulous west facing stained glass window.  Unfortunately the cathedral is closed so we’ll have to come back in the morning.

We find a good local restaurant, Cow Sea, for dinner, sampling the local mussels.


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