Loen to Fraena – 20 June 2018

When we wake in the morning at Loen it is raining lightly as we drive along the lake back into the town.

We drive along the Innvikfjord and through Stryn, and even though it is very cloudy the fjord still looks beautiful.








The wooden Lutheran churches in Norway are mostly all built in the same style with a bell tower & a cemetery around them.  But when they are built next to a fjord or a lake they are even prettier.

We continue our drive along the fjord and past lakes and as we start to climb we even get a glimpse of the sun.

We climb up onto a large plateau where we are driving through snow on the side of the road.  Michael & John even manage to throw some snow balls.

We stop at a lookout that overlooks Geiranger that sits at the top of the famous Geirangerfjord.  We’re lucky as the sun shines for us here and we watch the cruise ships come into the port.








After driving down into Geiranger the road out the other side is very steep and windy and we stop to look back down into the Geirangerfjord from this side.  We couldn’t see the narrow part of the fjord from the previous lookout, and it looks too narrow for the large cruise ships to squeeze down, but I guess it can’t be as they do fit down there.

We drive over the mountain to the Storfjorden and catch a ferry from Eidsal to Linge.

After disembarking from the ferry we drive along to Trollstigen which marks the start of the famous Trollstigen mountain road that has 11 hairpin bends, some of them carved out of the rock.  Michael had so much fun he drove the road 3 times so we could get some photos from the top.















After driving down the Trollstigen we drive around the Romsdalsfjord and catch a ferry from Afarnes to Solsnes across the Langfjord.  On the ferry we meet 3 men from Holland who are driving their motor bikes up to Nordkapp.  They are most interested in the trips that we’ve done in Shiraz and we have a long talk until it starts to rain again.








By the time we arrive at our accommodation in Fraena it’s very overcast, grey and showery.  After settling into the air bnb house that overlooks a fjord we head back into town for a meal.

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