Bergen to Loen – 19 June 2018

It’s still raining today for our drive to Loen that takes us past huge water falls, through tunnels and around fjords, including the beautiful Sognefjorden.  We get stuck in a tunnel for nearly 1 hour because of a rock fall, so all the cars & vans have to do a u turn and we are escorted back out the way we had come in.  At least it was dry inside the tunnel even if it was dark.








We drive on the old road around the tunnel which is very narrow but very pretty.  There has been so much rain that the water is pouring down the sides of the mountain in as many paths as it can find.  There is water rushing down the valleys with amazing force.














When we arrive at Loen there is a huge Princess line cruise ship in dock which dwarfs Shiraz.

Where we are staying is a bit out of town on a gorgeous lake with lightly tinted green water. We have a view down the lake to a glacier.

We have a great pasta with prosciutto and vegetables that Ros cooks us for dinner.

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