Bodo to Santog (Lofoten Islands) – 25 June 2018

This morning we have a very early ferry to catch at 7 am and we need to be at the terminal 45 minutes before the ferry leaves, so it’s a quick bite of breakfast in the hotel dining room before we drive around the corner to the ferry terminal.

The ferry takes about 3 hours and is in rough open water out to the southern most Lofoten Island , so Kay decides to take a travel tablet to get her through the trip.

When we arrive on the island we visit the village of Å which is a fishing village that specialise in dried fish, so there are wooden drying racks with fish on them.  The water in the village is so clear that you can see right to the bottom.  We visit a museum about the process of drying fish, where we get a really detailed explanation about all the steps involved as well as a movie on the fish drying processes.  It’s very interesting and well worth the visit.




We drive north along the island and stop in a restaurant for a seafood lunch in Hamnoy.

Our drive takes us along the islands to the little fishing village of Nusfjord that is a living museum with it’s quaint wooden buildings.

The seagulls build nests on any ledge they can and we watch some feed their young that built their nests on a window ledge.









Our next stop for the day is at the Viking Museum which is fabulous.  We watch videos about the discovery and excavation of the site where a Chieftan’s House has been reconstructed to the same dimensions as the original had been and it’s huge. Inside there are people dressed as vikings, weaving and making leather shoes and pouches, it’s very interesting.









There is a section devoted to the Norse mythology, and Thor even made an appearance with his Mjölnir (oversized hammer)!











We have a long way to drive still to our overnight stop at the Sandtorg Hotel.  Luckily their restaurant is open when we arrive and we have a lovely meal looking out over the windswept coastline through the rain.

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