Stockholm to Oslo (Norway) – 12 June 2018

Today we drive to Oslo via Orebro to visit the Orebro Castle that dates back to 1364.  It has been rebuilt & added onto several times up until 1901.  It has 4 lovely towers and is in amazing condition and is quite beautiful.

We have coffee overlooking the castle and then walk back through the park around the castle to our cars and continue our drive to Oslo.


After checking into our apartment in Oslo we have dinner in the restaurant at the bottom of the apartment complex and Ros & Kay have a lovely crab salad complimented by an Italian Barbera wine.  A very pleasant way to finish a day’s driving.

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  1. Love your blog. Love the descriptions. Love the photos. Love the food. Feel we are traveling with you.
    Cheers Bernadette and Michael

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