Stockholm – 11 June 2018

This morning we have a bit of drizzling rain and after getting off the train we walk along a canal to the Town Hall.







We then catch a bus and a tram to Skansen which is an open air museum of old Stockholm town where we visit relocated old buildings housing a glass blower, engineering shop, carpenter, school, church, merry go round & farms etc.



We then visit the Nordic animals & see geese, lynx, European bison, boar, wolves, moose, brown bear and reindeer.

We then caught a ferry back to Gamlan Stan and had an ice cream in the square out the front of the Nobel museum.  We then visit the Nobel museum that explains the history behind the Nobel prizes and the Nobel Foundation that was established after the death of Alfred Nobel with 2 Billion Swedish Krone. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and was a very wealthy business man who never married.  Each of the awards that are presented were explained as well as the week long celebrations that occur each year, which was really interesting.

We catch the train back to Sollentuna and have dinner in a local restaurant where we eat local fare.  A tradition in Sweden is to serve a meal on a long rectangular plate that they pipe potatoes onto then crisp them up under the grille.  Between us we had pork, trout & reindeer, all delicious.

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