Oslo – 13 June 2018

This morning we catch a bus to the Viking Ship museum, where there are 3 Viking ships that have been excavated from Viking tombs on the Bygdoy peninsula. They were found in Burial mounds that sit on top of the surrounding ground.  They are really well preserved and the Oseberg burial (around 834 AD) was the grave for 2 prominent women, whereas the Gokstad & Tune burials (around 900 AD) were both for wealthy & powerful men.

The Oseberg burial site had among other items, 5 magnificently carved dog heads, a very ornate cart, a heavily carved sleigh & an ornate horse bridle.










We then visit the Kon-Tiki museum, about Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian adventurer who built the Ra rafts and initially set out to sail across the Pacific Ocean, from Peru to Polynesia, but the raft crashed onto a reef and he didn’t make it.  He then built Ra II and continued his adventures.








Next we visit the Fram museum that is focused on the wooden polar ship Fram.  The museum tells the history of the Norwegian polar expeditions including a very interesting movie that we watch.









We then catch a ferry back to the city centre.



And we visit Akershus Castle & Fortress


Then we catch a tram & bus to Vigeland Sculpture Park with more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland (1869–1943) in bronze, granite and cast iron. This is the biggest sculpture park in the world and has a wonderful variety of naked sculptures from babies to adults.



We walk back to our apartment through the streets of Frogner, which is a lovely area full of beautiful buildings that are mostly apartments.








We  catch a bus back into the city, where we meet Ros & John for a seafood dinner on a floating restaurant in the harbour area.

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