9th July – Vienna to Heidelberg (Germany)

3 Days until we arrive in Abingdon.

We leave our hotel Vienna at the usual 8 am start.

Today we have a long day’s drive of 705 km on the autobahn, so we change drivers about every 1.5 hours, which works well. The scenery is lovely green countryside with the odd castle on a hill top.

When we arrive at our hotel in Heidelberg we have an MG enthusiast and car club member Reinhardt and his friend Ron, who used to live in Australia and speaks English, waiting for us.  After a drink they take us into the old part of Heidelberg which is just charming.

We get a good view of the castle from one of the city squares and some of the more upmarket homes high on the hill overlooking the city.

We go to a lovely restaurant for dinner and sit in an open courtyard and share a nice bottle of German Sav Blanc which is delicious.

After dinner when it is darker the castle looks even better all lit up.


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