10th July – Heidelberg to Rochefort (Belgium)

2 Days until we arrive in Abingdon.

This morning we have a drive around Heidelberg before heading out of town.  First we drive up to the castle that gives us great views over the town.

Next we drive down to the river and walk along the banks to the lovely old bridge, and once again great views of the castle.

We leave Heidelberg on a road through the hills behind the city driving through a dense green forest, it’s lovely. Today we have a 356 km drive to Rochefort in Belgium.

We join the autobahn and continue as far as Luxembourg when we exit & drive along the Mosel River and have lunch overlooking the river.

We then drive on country roads all the way to Rochefort, avoiding any more autobahn’s.  Passing through Luxembourg and into Belgium with beautiful rolling green hills dotted with cows, it’s very beautiful.

It has been raining on & off all day & when we arrive at Rochefort it’s raining quite heavily, which just adds to the charm of our hotel and it’s beautiful garden that we overlook.


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