8th May 2015 – Muncho Lake to Watson Lake

We have a leisurely breakfast at the Northern Rockies Lodge then wander down to the frozen Muncho Lake before getting on the road at 10 am. We only have 283 kilometers to drive today and the forecast is for a top of 17 degrees, so we have packed away our thermals.We see quite a few bison grazing on the side of the road this morning and there are some very young ones among them.The highway follows the Liard River after Liard Hot Springs, it is very wide and frozen along both banks, it?s beautiful.We see a black bear and her 2 little baby cubs, they?re so cute as they run along behind trying to keep up with their mum.ÿ She’s not too happy that we are so close.As we drive along the highway we see a porcupine scampering away into the forest for cover.ÿ They’re a most peculiar looking animal.We divert off the highway to Smith River Falls which are quite impressive.We have morning tea at Coal River as the lady who owns the shop is just setting up for the summer.ÿ Soon after we see another black bear with an injured front leg and then we see a few mule deer, they?re very timid and skip quickly away.We are lucky enough to see another black bear half way up a hill having a feed.The drive into Watson Lake continues on a fantastic highway and we are ably backed up by our all Australian support crew consisting of Stewart, Natalie and Wendy.We cross into the state of Yukon and stop for a photo opportunity.When we arrive at Watson Lake we visit the Sign Forest that is made up of approximately 72,000 signs & car number plates from all over the world. It?s quite amazing, unfortunately we didn?t have a sign with us that we could add to the collection.

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