7th May 2015 – Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake

Today we have a 248 Kilometer drive to our overnight stop at Muncho Lake. We have a sunny day with a lovely blue sky and it’s 10 degrees, perfect for a days drive. Our first stop is at Steamboat with a beautiful view over the Northern Rockies.We drive through Tetsa River National Park and stop for hot cinnamon buns and coffee at Testa River Lodge. The gift shop is a real treasure trove.We pass rivers that have lovely steel bridges over them.We stop to look at a beaver dam which has a thin layer of ice on the water. Our presence disturbs Canadian geese and beautiful teal ducks.We drive over Stone Mountain to Summit Lake which is the highest point of the Alaskan Highway at 1,975 meters. Summit Lake is still frozen.We continue our drive through this glorious countryside and see caribou along the side of the road.ÿ We also come across some big horn sheep.We arrive at Muncho Lake which is starting to thaw around the edges.We book into the Northern Rockies Lodge at Muncho lake and continue to drive to the Liard River Hot Springs where we have a dip in the lovely hot spring water.On the way back to our car from the springs as we walk along the board walk we see a moose in the bushes, standing in the swampy water. As it is only spring the moose doesn’t have any antlers yet.On the way back to our hotel we see bison on the side of the road.We also see some bighorn sheep that seem to like to lick the road.ÿ We think perhaps that the roadÿ is salty.The drive back in the afternoon sunlight is lovely as it shines on the snow capped mountains especially around the frozen Muncho Lake.

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