Inari to Rovaniemi – 2 July 2018

It’s another gorgeous sunny morning as we pack the cars and prepare to leave our very comfortable accommodation – “Green House”.

The lake is looking beautiful as we drive out of town on our way to Rovaniemi.

It seems that the reindeer have no fear of cars in Finland as they trot down the road walking through the traffic.

We stop for morning tea next to a very interesting old church and the beautiful new church where we talk to one of the church guides about the history of Finland and their relationship with their close neighbour Russia.

We cross the Arctic Circle at Santa’s workshop where we buy some Christmas decorations, post a letter home from Santa & see a large lego Santa!

In the afternoon we take a drive around Rovaniemi and go up to a mountain behind the town where there is a toboggan track and chairlift with beautiful views.

Tonight we wander into town looking for somewhere to eat and there is an art & design festival on with an unusual display of umbrellas.  We pass on one local option of curry reindeer and have a more European meal, sitting out in a courtyard of a restaurant.





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