Copenhagen to Jonkoping (Sweden)- 8 June 2018

This morning we drive to Jonkoping and say farewell to wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, until next time!

We drive through the tunnel and then across the amazing bridge to Malmo, and there is a large wind farm in the sea off in the distance.  Why don’t we put wind farms in the ocean?



We stop for coffee and cake in Lund and visit the Lutheran Cathedral that dates back to 1145 and is built of sandstone in a Romanesque style.  It has an astrological clock that is incredibly complex looking.




Downstairs in the crypt are many graves with beautifully carved tops.


We drive through cobble stone streets following Goldie and we know we’re in Sweden when we see an enormous Ikea store,








Jonkoping is situated at the bottom of a lake and we have dinner in a restaurant on the pier.  We all have seafood which is delicious,








There is a live band from Italy playing that we stop to listen to as we leave the restaurant, and they put out a good beat, it’s hard to leave and go back to our hotel.



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