Snejford to Inari (Finland) – 30 June 2018

Leaving our accommodation in Snefjord we see reindeer next to the road in the village and further along next to a church.

It starts raining as we drive a long a narrow coast road to return to the main road and head towards Inari in Finland.

As we approach Finland heading south the weather starts to clear up and we find a beautiful morning tea spot next to a lake.

We do a tour of an indigenous village which is very interesting and we’re shown how to catch a reindeer around the antlers with a rope.  We even get to try it out ourselves.

By the time we enter into Finland it’s sunny & warm and the reindeer come out to cross the road, fortunately an oncoming car warned us.

Inari is a very small village at the top of Juutuanvuono  lake and is in Lapland which is home to the indigenous Sami people.

Our house looks out to the lake which is just beautiful, with reindeer wondering up the main street.

We have dinner in a restaurant that specialises in Sami food and its exquisite.  We have trout from the Juutua river, that runs past the restaurant, with a pea jus.  The food is cooked using herbs, birch bark, Moss, pine needles and Angelica, that the Sami women have traditionally  cooked with as they are readily found in the area.

At 11:30 pm we drive up to the local radio tower that has a magnificent view over the lake and of the setting sun.  At midnight the sun is still above the tree line and the sun is so bright sunglasses are needed to be worn.

Due to the cloudy wet weather that we’ve had since entering the arctic circle this is the first time that we’ve seen the midnight sun even though it’s been light all night.

The sun doesn’t set at all it’s still visible above the horizon as we drive past the lake going home to bed at 12:45 am.


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