Hook of Holland to Heiligenhafen (Germany) – 4 June 2018

We are woken on the ferry by an announcement over the loud speakers that we are due to arrive in Holland at 8:30 am.  Just enough time for a quick croissant & coffee for breakfast before disembarking.

We’re back in Holland and head towards Giethoorn driving around Rotterdam & Amsterdam.  The road systems in Holland are fabulous, however we have a couple of detours around road works which makes the trip slower than we planned.  Around Giethoorn there lots of canals and we are stopped at a bridge that opens up to let a boat pass. The area is beautiful.

We arrive at Giethoorn at lunch time, so we sit in a restaurant overlooking a canal and watch the boats go past.  It is so beautiful and peaceful, with no cars, just bikes in this village of water.







We walk along the canal after lunch to admire the gorgeous thatched roof houses with their well kept lush gardens.















It’s like being back in China when a group of Asian ladies grab me to have a photo taken with them on one of the bridges.


They make some very nice local cheese that we taste and buy.






We walk all the way to the end of the village and din’t turn around until we got to the car park.








Back on the road we cross the into Germany & the only way we know we’re in a different country is that there are 2 flags on an overhead bridge.

The speed limits in Germany are interesting going from 110 kph to 130 kph to no speed limit at all.  While Shiraz will cruise quite comfortably at 120 kph the speed difference with the fast cars is frightening as they fly past us like we are standing still.  They also appear from nowhere very quickly.  It makes you constantly watch your mirrors.

Unfortunately as we drive along we have a problem with our generator as it stops charging and the ignition light is on constantly.  We stop in a parking area and Michael & John swap the generator over with a spare one that we are carrying and 30 minutes later we are on our way again.


We are then held up in traffic getting around Bremen and don’t arrive at our hotel until just before 9 pm. Fortunately the restaurant is still open so we can have a meal.

The hotel is right on the beach of the Baltic Sea and we have a wonderful view of the beach and pier from our room.



We sleep well after a long and tiring day!

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