12th July – Calais to Abingdon (UK)

We’re here in Abingdon, We MADE IT!

After getting off the train from Calais at Folkestone we drive on the M20 to rest stop 24 and meet 3 members of the MG Car Club, Ian, Brian & Ralph which is lovely plus Simon is here also to greet us.  It’s great to catch up with Simon again as he left us in Uzbekistan.  After introductions & a catch up we take off at about 10 am for about a 3 hour drive to Abingdon.

After leaving rest stop 24 on the M20 and driving for some time on the A20, we thought it might be quicker to get back on the M20 and then transfer onto the M25 around London. How wrong were are, the motorway crawls along for miles and then we get onto the M40 and take off.

However when we get off the motorway and head for Abingdon, we are back to a crawl again.  4 hours later we arrive to a very warm welcome by the MG Car Club at Kimber House.  We are all so thrilled to be here.




  1. Congratulations to all glad you arrived safely. We have loved the blog it’s been like one of those TV series where you can hardly wait for the next installment.
    Carl & Barb

  2. Very well done. Congratulations to you both. We have really enjoyed you drive and all your adventures. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Cheers Bernadette and Michael

  3. Dear Kay and Mike!

    You (and all of your team) are great! Well done! Congratulation!
    Have a good rest and lucky back to Australia!
    We are starting on Sunday, and are arriving to Folkstone on Monday, around noon.
    See you next year in Budapest.

    Best regards:


    • Have a great trip to the UK András. We also plan to be at Folkstone on Monday to catch the train back to Calais & make our way to Holland, where we are leaving our car until next year.

  4. Well done, brilliant trip and dialogue .

    Wish I was there to great you and catch up but onto plan D
    Have just returned home so will try and find out about Prescott on the internet

    • Hope you’re all well now Andrew, sorry you couldn’t get here. We missed you & Marlena.
      BTW the Aussies will be bringing back the trophy!

  5. Congratulations guys, Glad yopu made it and are all safe.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it over a red or three shortly.

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