6th July – Craiova to Timisoara

6 Days until we arrive in Abingdon.

Today our start is half an hour later than normal as we only have a 325 km drive to our overnight stop in Timisoara.

We drive through villages that have a certain style of architecture that appeals to the Romani gypsies.

We drive through an area that has quite a few small oil wells

Our drive takes us along the Danube River past a dam and hydroelectric plant and we stop in Orsova for morning tea which overlooks the Danube. We have our tea in a park and then walk around, it all seems a bit shabby and in need of a good clean up.  The water has a lot of rubbish in it, but is must be OK as there are large schools of young fish and plenty of frogs.

Our drive into Timisoara is stress free as the Romanian drivers are not agressive and seem to obey the traffic laws.

After we arrive in Timisoara and have a rest in our room, we walk into the main part of town, through a lovely park and along a canal.  There are a lot of families about as the park is full of rides activities for children.

As we approach the cathedral there is a procession with people dressed in national costumes from various countries, we recognise Puerto Rico in their colourful dresses as they dance along the street.  There is a Festival of the Heart on at the moment and they are walking to a stage that is set up in a park.

We go back to the orthodox cathedral which is stunning inside.

In front of the cathedral is large pedestrian area that goes right through to the opera house at the end with lovely gardens down the middle.

We walk down past many outdoor restaurants that are full of people drinking & eating, it’s a very lively city and has a nice feel about it.

We walk back to a restaurant on the canal and have a meal with some very good Romanian wine.  On the way back to our hotel we stop and watch the concert in the park for the Festival of the Heart.

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