21st June – Sarein to Kandovan

Today we have a 252 km drive to Kandovan.

We stop by a lovely lake for morning tea.

We drive on to Tabriz, where we manoeuvre into a multi storey car park before visiting the large bazaar.  The building itself has a wonderful domed roof with many corridors running across each other. There is a huge carpet area where there are many beautiful carpets for sale.  We resist the temptation to look too close as we don’t have room for another carpet, or a floor to put it on.

We visit Constitution House that was built by  Abo Al Melleh  in 1868 and was the quarter for officials and fans of the Constitutional  movement and the base for the Constitutional revolution.

We then visit the Blue Mosque that has been partially restored to the original tile patterns.  Originally the outside of the mosque was covered in blue mosaic tile, with only a small patch remaining.

We drive to the village of Kandovan where we are staying in caves that are beautifully decorated and are quite roomy.  Some of our team even have a Jacuzzi.

We walk into the village along the river which is lovely, there is even a donkey standing next to the river.

There are many caves high up on the hill side that are used as houses.

As we walk along the river we pass stalls selling dried fruits & teas and cross over a couple of lovely bridges.  We are given a taste of some local honey that is sold complete with the honey comb, it’s very tasty, but the wax tends to stick in your teeth.

There is a great scarf shop that sell scarves from the local area made out of silk or cotton.  They have some lovely bright  patterns which are hard for Kay to resist, so another couple are added to her collection.

We have dinner in the hotel restaurant which is  beautifully appointed & is in a large cave.

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