19th June – Ramsar to Rasht

This morning at breakfast we are joined by about 30 members of the Iranian MG Car Club who have driven about 500 km from Tehran to see us.  As best as we can we introduce ourselves and start talking, with some of them speaking very good English we are able to have a good conversation.

We say good bye to Ali from MG Media this morning as he heads back to Tehran and his replacement Hussein joins Mohammed in the car.

After breakfast we drive down to the beach on the Caspian Sea and park the cars for a photo shoot and more talking.  They unfold a banner that they have had made for the occasion and John presents the club with one of our team shirts.


Michael has a paddle in the Caspian Sea English style.

We say our farewells and leave Ramsar driving along the sea with MG6’s all around us, its great fun. We have a short drive today of only 120 km to Rasht as the plan is to service the cars this afternoon.

We stop for morning tea in a lovely park that has a lake on the side with terrapins that are trying to climb up a steep wall.

We have a leisurely drive into Rasht following the Caspian Sea.

After we arrive Michael, David, Henk & Peter take Shiraz, Dutchess & Shamrock to the MG service centre to change the oil & do a spanner check over the cars while they’re on the hoist.

Meanwhile the remainder of the group go by bus to Masouleh, which is a beautiful old Iranian village built into the side of the mountain.  It’s quite pretty with narrow lanes and colourful flower boxes, which gives it a European feel.  At the mosque the ground outside, which is the roof of the building below, is covered with graves, so we carefully walk around them.

When we arrive back at the hotel the remaining 4 cars go to the service centre to service their cars and once they all return to the hotel at about 8pm we all walk to a local restaurant for a yummy meal of kebabs.

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