18th June – Gorgan to Ramsar

This morning Michael, David & Henk go to the workshop to unpack Ginger, removing the spare parts, GPS and CB radio.  All of the tools and personal belongings were removed yesterday.  The damage to the front end is so severe that it is not repairable in a short time so unfortunately Ginger is unable to continue the trip. Pat & David will continue with us in the guide car while they consider their options.

Meanwhile the remainder of the group catch taxis to a forest on the outskirts of the city, which is  very cool  & green.  It is an area where locals come to camp.  Iranians love camping and small tents can be seen along the roadsides and in amongst the trees.

The taxis then take us to a lookout spot where we get great views over the city & surrounding countryside. Our ride up to the lookout is great fun as our driver cranks up his stereo and plays Iranian party music and he & Hesam sing along Karaoke style.

We all  arrive back at the hotel at 11 am and start our 380 km drive to Ramsar.

Our lunch stop is off the main road in a small village where we drive around looking for a suitably quiet spot to eat & drink as it is Ramadan and we aren’t suppose to eat or drink in public. We end up in the local cemetery and draw quite a crowd by the time we’re finished.  Some of the local children want to try out the car for size.

Back on the road we drive through a large rice area and we can’t believe just how green the rice is.

We drive past quite a few factories in the middle of the rice paddies that are selling miniature minarets.

We get our first glimpse of the Caspian Sea and we stop for a break on the shore.

The drive into Ramsar is slow going through small towns that have many speed humps and impressive mosques.

Our hotel is high on the side of the hill with lovely views over the Caspian Sea.

We have dinner sitting outside in a restaurant that is actually built over the water.


  1. Good to hear from you again. It seems that, as much as possable things are under control. We trust you are having warmer weather tha we are in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland.

    • Enjoy Ireland, you can always put on a coat, but it’s hard to get cooler when you don’t have air conditioning.

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