16th June – Mashhad

Today we visit the Reza Shrine Complex which is massive and has many outdoor carpeted courtyards.

The architecture is fabulous and colourful with mosaic tiles and gold domes.


There is even a clock in one of the minarets.

One inside area is all mosaic mirror tiles.

Underneath the open area is a retreat for families to go to pray, which is all mirrored with chandeliers.

We western girls are dressed by some of the Muslim women, before we enter into the complex in what look like sheets, very attractive!


  1. Sheets possibly a new regalia item. In the past we have had towells and undies.
    Love your blog, the photos, the places you have seen and experienced. How we feel we are with you. Well done keep on enjoying and keeping safe and well.
    Cheers and thanks
    Bernadette and Michael

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