24th May – Turpan

As it is very hot today we have a free morning so after we do a bit of work in our room we head to the Museum and then to the Imin Minaret or the Sugong Minaret as it is also known.  The Minaret was built in 1777 and has 10 different geometric patterns, it is quite beautiful and unusual.

Later this afternoon we drive to a museum about the Karez Well system that consists of vertical wells and hidden channels that were dug out by hand and channelled water from the mountains down to the desert and directed it to where it is needed.  This systems reduces evaporation that would occur if the water was channelled above ground. The Karez wells supply Turpan with 30% of its water and allows the Turpan area to be also known as the Grape valley.

We then drive to visit the ruins of the ancient city of  Jiaohe that was built in the 2nd century BC.  It was a key town in the Turpan  basin along the Silk Road.  The city buildings were built of earth walls known as “earth excavation for walls”.  This unique building technique is rare worldwide and the city is a huge sculpture.  The ruins cover a huge area including gates, administration buildings, houses, temples.

When we get back to our car there is a man who has been sitting in front of our car the whole time we are visiting the ruins.

We go out for a late BBQ dinner at an outdoor restaurant next to a lake that is next to our hotel.


  1. Hey sean and candice here speaking from nuku’alofa in tonga! Tried to FaceTime you with no success, try and call my phone sometime as I have the wifi on the ship! Hope your travels are going well! We have so far stopped at noumea and today’s stop in tonga. We are both sunburnt and tired but absolutely loving it! Speak to you soon
    Love sean & candice

    • will do tomorrow! Love your photos.
      We haven’t had good internet access for a couple of days and no phone, but that’s sorted now.

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