22nd May – Dunhuang to Hami

Today we drive 400 km to Hami and as we leave Dunhuang it’s already starting to feel quite warm.

We drive through the Hami desert and it’s very flat with very little vegetation.

When Kay is driving she notices that the oil pressure was down to 50 lbs and it usually sits on 75, so Michael kept an eye on it & it dipped down below 50 so we stop & checked the oil, all is OK.  Michael takes over driving and the oil pressure keeps fluctuating.  There is much discussion over the radio between Henk, David & Michael as to what the possible cause could be.  It is decided that when we stop for lunch Shiraz & Dutchess would swap over their oil pressure sender units to see if the problem transfers to Dutchess.

There are not many big service centres to stop for breaks along the way today, but we do manage to find a café in the middle of nowhere we manage to get some freshly made beef & vegetable noodles.  Meanwhile Michael & Henk swap over the oil pressure sender units between Shiraz & Dutchess, we eat our noodles & get back on the road.

We are very relieved when Dutchess reports that there is no oil pressure showing & Shiraz is showing normal oil pressure.  A simple problem fortunately.

We continue the drive through the desert and the snow capped mountain range to the north.

On the way into Hami we go through a police check and we are told to wait as we will need a police escort to our hotel.  About half an hour later a police car turns up & escorts us to our hotel, still not sure why we needed this!  We’re not convinced that it is for our safety.

Michael & Henk swap over the oil pressure sender units again & we then go to have a wonderful dinner in a local restaurant.

The highlight of the evening was when Henk had his hair cut on the way back to our hotel.  What can we say, but it will grow back Henk!

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  1. Oil pressure senders should be available locally !
    You should be happy this is your only problem. I’m enjoying your blogs,keep up the good work.

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